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HC-FC Flap Disc Curing Oven

Optional baking tray (only) or shelf (block), can also be equipped with grill

Detailed introduction

Characteristics and product introduction:

1. Optional baking tray (only) or shelf (block), can also be equipped with grill;

2. Can be customized according to user requirements;

3. Non-standard products can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements;

4. This product adopts digital intelligent temperature meter control, with self-stabilizing PID adjustment function, precise temperature control and convenient operation;

5. The smart meter has a time control function, the user can set the working time according to the need, and automatically stop heating when it is time;

6. The door seal is made of high temperature resistant silicone rubber for safety and hygiene;

7. With intuitive expansion temperature controller for over-temperature protection, the equipment is safe and reliable;

8. Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, medical, biological and other laboratories, it can be used for drying, baking, disinfecting, heat treatment and other heating;

9. In the process of epoxy resin curing, core preheating, coil pre-drying, coil dipping and drying, etc., it is very important to directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the temperature uniformity of the oven and the reliability of the control system are very high;

10. The special oven for resin curing has the advantages of good temperature uniformity, various flexible air supply modes, mature and reliable control system, and beautiful appearance.

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