Electrostatic Sand-Planting

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HC-PE Electrostatic Sand-Planting

The electrostatic sanding adopts vibrating sanding, which is adjusted by the sanding knife and the sand roller to achieve precise and stable sanding.

Detailed introduction

The swing angle of the sanding knife is precisely controlled by the servo motor pushing the limit top block. At the same time, the rotation angle of the falling sand knife is detected by the precision encoder to ensure reliable and accurate position location.

There is a special sanding door on the back side of the vibrating sand box to enable quick replacement and cleaning when changing different types of abrasives.

The electrostatic sanding plate is made of POM material, has stable insulation performance and high breakdown voltage, and can withstand the impact of high voltage alternating current. The surface of the electrode plate has a surface finish of 3.2 microns, high flatness and uniform discharge.

The end of the electrostatic sanding has a waste sand recovery device, and the excess residual sand can be automatically recovered.

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