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HC-PF Abrasive Paper Flexing Machine

Detailed introduction


1.Power system

The variable frequency motor drags the sandpaper from the imported special curved bar to move on the back to achieve the flexing effect. The curved bar is equipped with four 0.5", 1". The tension and compression ends of the sandpaper are partially detected by the tension controller to ensure the tension is stable when the sandpaper is twisted, and the flexing effect is uniform.

The sandpaper adopts the frequency conversion motor and the rubber roller to realize the meshing traction, the sandpaper traction does not slip, and the speed control is accurate.

2. Flexing mechanism

The proprietary twisting mechanism realizes +/-45. The imported surface is hardened to deal with the contact between the curved bar and the sandpaper, and the sandpaper enters and exits the curved bar with the roller to guide stably, so as to achieve the optimal flexing effect.

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