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HC-FH Flap Wheel Cutting Machine

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Detailed introduction


1.Working Table: 1600*730 mm

2.Max. Cutting force: 800KN(80T)

3.Open daylight: 25-175mm

4.Working Frequency: 1200-1800 times/hour

5.Main Motor Power: 7.5KW

6.Servo Motor Power: 2.2KW

7.Hydraulic system Working pressure ≤31.5Mpa

8.Air source: ≤6kgf/cm2

9.Noise: ≤70dB

10.Die cutting precision ±0.15mm

11.Machine dimension: 2500*4000*1600mm

12.Machine weight: 5000KG

13.Suppling Power: AC 350V/50Hz(Customized)


1. This machine is a professional device for cutting flap wheel in the sandpaper conversion industry.

2. This machine consists of unwinding,feeding device and main cutting machine.Feeding part adopts servo motor to achieve precise feeding,with human-computer interface,the feeding length can be set conveniently.

3. The main machine is controlled by four-column guiding, double-crank balancing, four-column blocking fine-adjustment mechanism and hydraulic control system, which can guarantee the speed and accuracy of die cutting of machine. All movable connecting parts are equipped with central oil supply automatic lubricating device, which reduces the abrasion to the minimum extent.

4. The die cutter is fastened by pneumatic clamp device so as to make the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt.

5.The main cutting machine is provided with the limit mechanism,which can effectively prolong the service life of the blade.

6. Products of special specifications can be customized.

HC-FH Flap Wheel Cutting Machine

HC-FH Flap Wheel Cutting Machine

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