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HC-LV Abrasive Paper Velcro Laminating Machine

Demo Video: HC-LV Abrasive Paper Velcro Laminating Machine

Detailed introduction

This machine applies to coat oil-based glue, water-based glue or PSA on the back of the grinding sandpaper and then laminate with the velcro or release paper. may also apply to the coating and laminating of the sponge, cloth, leather and so on.


1. Max. Effective coating width:1650mm

2. Design working speed:1-25m/min

3. Coating and laminating speed:3-15m/min

4. Base material: Sandpaper,velcro,PE film

5. Coating mode:Blade coating

6. Coating quantity:Wet glue quantity 20-120g/m2

7. Max. Unwinding Dia. Of sandpaper: φ600mm

8. Max. Unwinding Dia. Of velvet: φ300mm

9. Max. Winding Dia.: φ500mm

10. Max. Oven Temperature :120°C Length 8m(4m*2) Tile structure

11. Heading mode for Oven: Electric heating,2-stage independent temperature control,Intelligent digital temperature control can be set to adjust.

12. Power source:380V±10%,60HZ,3Phase 5-wire(can be customized)

13. Total Power: About 48KW

14. Dimension(L*W*H): 14700*2200*2100mm

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