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HC-PM Abrasive Paper Make Coater

Detailed introduction

1. Max. Width of the base material: 1450mm(as customized)

2. Roller width: 1600mm

3. Base material: Paper and cloth

4. Adhesives: Phenolic resin, animal glue, alkyd resins, urea resins, epoxy resins,etc.

5. Dia. Of the upper steel roller : 290mm

6. Dia. Of the nether gluing roller: 300mm

7. Dia. Of the brake roller: 350mm

8. Max. Linear speed: 45m/min.

9. Air pressure: P6 bar at consumer

10. Power source: 230/400 V, 50HZ, +/- 5%

11. Control voltage: 24V D.C.

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