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HC-DS Swing Arm Clicker Press

A Swing Arm Cutting Press is a highly effective method of cutting single or multi shapes from material – single layer or multi layer.

Detailed introduction

The material and tool are placed under the head of the Swing Beam Press, the operator then presses two push buttons to bring the cutting head down under force to cut out the shape. The Swing Beam is then manually moved to one side to allow the operator to retrieve the cut part and continue with the next cut.
These presses are very versatile and can be used by craft people working at home with low volume production through to large production facilities with the press working shifts 24hours per day.


1.Automatic stroke-end setting-up to use cutting knives of different heights without any adjustment.

2.Control push buttons with built-in device for 3/10 of a second maximum delay operation to ensure positive safety.

3.Higher speed of operation and greater productivity which can increase material yield.

4.Reduced wearing of cutting dies and a dramatic increase in savings on cutting pad costs.

5.Complete with high grade polypropylene cutting board, hydraulic oil and operating manual.

Range of Application

Ideal for many products manufactured in soft or semi rigid materials including:

● Carpet and flooring

● Clothing – components for hats, ties, collars, shoulder pads

● Cork gaskets and mats

● Disposables – pads, wipes, strips

● Electronic components – flexible PCB’s touch pads, button covers, legend plates

● Felt strips, washers, gaskets

● Filters for machinery, breathing apparatus and the medical industry

● Foam and sponge – gaskets, packaging, consumer products

● Footwear components – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

● Gaskets, seals, washers in plastic, cork, rubber, paper, felt, PTFE, graphite and more

● Insulation materials

● Leather and leathergoods – shoe uppers, wallets, purses, belts

● Medical products – filters, dressings, foot care products, orthopaedic footwear

● Packaging – foam, inserts, card, promotional products, blister packs

● Paper, card – stationery, novelties, filters, labels

● Plastic cards – promotional, business, badges, labels

● Plastics – PVC binders, lampshades, stationery products, gifts, novelties, gaskets

● Rubber – gaskets, seals, washers

● Textiles – sample swatches and pattern books, underwear and outerwear components, hats, ties

● Toys – soft toys, advertising novelties, mini jig-saw puzzles and more

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