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HC-FP Flap Disc Packing Machine (Wrapping and Shrink Machines)

Detailed introduction

Product characteristics:

1. It is specially used for shrink wrapping of grinding wheel pieces.

2. human-machine interface, simple and convenient operation.

3. Automatic coating, automatic shrinkage and automatic stripping. materials: stainless steel, aluminum profile, acrylic and other materials;

Technical Data

1.Packing Specification:ø 100-ø180mm,T27/T29

2.Packing Efficiency:1-10Pack/min

3.Packing Quantity:5-10pcs/Pack

4.Film: PE Single layer roll film,0.4-0.5mm

5.Temperature control.:0-200°C

6.Application materials:Flap disc,Grinding wheel

7.Power Supply:3P220V60HZ



10.Power:about 6KW

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