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HC-LP PUR Hot Melt Glue Lamination Machine

PUR glue is a kind of hot melt glue in the form of solid.

Detailed introduction

Definition of PUR

PUR glue is a kind of hot melt glue in the form of solid.

The difference between it and traditional hot melt glues is that it contains chemical functional group, which makes it react with wets in the air and then produces a kind of irreversible content which can not be melted at the second time. Thus, sometimes it is also called hot-set hot melt glue.

Key Features:

● Applicable to PU Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives, environmental friendly, no pollution during the whole process of laminating.

● Solventless Laminating, materials are firmly bonded, soft and comfortable handle, washable.

● Machine is controlled by the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system with touch screen, modular designed structure, HMI (Human Machine Interface) control system makes operating easy and simple.

● Equipped with thermal conductive oil heating system.

● Driven by servo motor, machine runs stable and synchronized.

● Non-tension unwinding unit makes laminating materials smooth and even, and good bonding strength.

● Expander roller also makes laminating materials smooth and even, especially for elastic materials.

● Precise infrared centering unit ensures edge alignment during laminating.

● Modern designed gluing system ensures the accuracy of the adhesive amount.

● Professionally designed and finely processed hot melt adhesive melter, temperature control is accurate and stable.

● Equipped with pneumatic expanding shaft for convenient operation.

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