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HC-FT Flap Disc Testing Machine

The body adopts box structure and strengthens the shock absorption design. The maximum noise is ≤80 db.

Detailed introduction

Main features and characters:

1. The body adopts box structure and strengthens the shock absorption design. The maximum noise is ≤80 db.

2. The mechanical and electronic double lock of the rotary box door effectively avoids the accident caused by the unintentional opening of the box door during operation.

3. Using a dedicated high-speed motor, rated power 1kw, speed 8000 ~ 10000 rev / min.

4. The controller adopts wide-amplitude switching power supply to make the control system work reliably between 180v and 260v.

5. The automatic magnetic card driven by DC motor automatically locks the spindle when loading and unloading the wheel, which is stable and reliable.

6. High-sensitivity speed sensor, so that the measurement range of 20 ~ 40,000 rev / min, accuracy ± 0.01%, display resolution of up to ± 1 rev / min.

7. Set the speed with a high-precision speed setter. The setting accuracy is ±1 rpm and the display accuracy is ±1 rpm.

8. Delay time 8 blocks, range 0 ~ 9999 seconds, error ≤ ± 0.01%, digital display set time and current running time.

9. The spindle radial runout ≤ 0.03 mm.

10.Digital thyristor trigger, relay no load conversion, greatly extending the service life of the relay

11. Using high-power thyristor module, overload 5 times without damage.

12. All-round protection for motor overload, motor overheating, overheating of power module, front door opening during operation, automatic related processing and indication of fault condition, and sound alarm.

13. All latching switches are non-contact electronic proximity switches, which are dustproof, anticorrosive and oil proof, have long service life and high reliability.

14. The broken sensor adopts floating detection technology, which effectively improves the detection sensitivity and anti-interference performance.

15. The automatic recorder can print the swivel data at any time for analysis and archiving. Simple print and full print can be set.

16. Fully automatic operation, highly intelligent. The acceleration/deceleration curve is automatically generated and automatically started, constant speed, delay, braking, automatic braking and recording, automatic recording of the recorder, automatic fault detection and processing. The user only needs to set the speed and time and then press the start button.

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